The Media Kit

Three Golf Guys That take themselves very seriously…Clearly.

Adam Fonseca

Bill Bush

Kris McEwen

what the second city golf collective can provide

One partnership, six avenues of exposure.

The Second City Golf Collective consists of two successful websites, three unique podcasts, and a fast-growing YouTube channel.

We provide a single, efficient process to simultaneously partner with three different brands, creating multiple opportunities and methods to reach potential customers.

Few others can offer the same level of unique content, breadth of coverage, and total value through a single relationship.

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Driving Range Heroes aims to provide the golf world with useful, fun, and engaging content to all of our fellow golf enthusiasts. We hope our audience finds our content informative and entertaining as they browse the internet searching for elusive answers about this silly little game.

There has been a recent movement in the golf world to be less stuffy and more inviting to everyone. Driving Range Heroes wants to do its part in that movement and provide an honest perspective to help others enjoy their golf journey.

Kris McEwen’s YouTube Channel

Kris has created a YouTube channel with a little bit of everything for everyone. Besides Kris and Bill’s weekly show, “That Range Life: A Show Sometimes About Golf”, which features a “Gear Talk” segment most episodes, the other weekly videos range from golf course vlogs, equipment reviews, and product unboxings.

That Range Life: A Show Sometimes About Golf
The Golf Vlogs
What’s In The Box?

The Golf Unfiltered Podcast

The Golf Unfiltered Podcast features interviews with the biggest names, brands, and personalities in golf. Each week host Adam Fonseca introduces you to the newest products, services, and personas with one goal in mind: to help you enjoy the game.

Over five years and 300 episodes strong, the Golf Unfiltered Podcast is part of The main website features cutting-edge opinions on golf in general, including in-hand product reviews from many of the brands featured on the podcast.

Why Does Bounce in a Wedge Matter? | 2.53 Golf Unfiltered Podcast

Have you ever thought about the bounce on your wedges? Adam sure has, and this week he talks all about the importance of why you should, too. How do playing conditions impact the amount of bounce you should have in your wedges? What about your golf swing? There's a lot to cover here, so let's dive in! — Send in a voice message:
  1. Why Does Bounce in a Wedge Matter? | 2.53
  2. Reviewing the Mizuno T22 Wedges | 2.52
  3. Can LIV Golf Become Less Toxic? | 2.51

The Golf Origin Stories Podcast

Kris has taken his love of music, golf, and story-telling and combined the three into a unique podcast that revolves around a singular question, “how did you fall in love with golf?”

But, that isn’t the only topic he and his guests cover. The wonderful thing about golf is it a universal game that people from all walks of life enjoy. So, sometimes it’s a musician’s songwriting style, or someone’s struggle with addiction, other time’s the origins of a golf company or piece of equipment, or at times, simply getting to know someone that you may otherwise never cross paths with.

The Big Time Golf Guys – A Golf Equipment Podcast

If two pals that are obsessed with golf equipment sat down at the bar together every week to talk golf gear, new and old, it would basically be The Big Time Golf Guys podcast.

Every week, Adam and Bill get together, hit the record button, and talk about whatever golf equipment has them excited. Whether it be the new driver introduced to the market, their latest eBay or barn find, or that must-have training aid, these two big-time golf guys have it covered.

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